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Ladies and gentlemen!

I’d been working in construction machinery spare parts sales area for a long time before I made an important decision - to open the Imachinery Group.

What is the Imachinery Group and what was the reason to set up this company? How does it differ from a large number of similar organizations?

Yes, these are questions you are tempted to ask. Frankly speaking, I could not even think about setting up my own company not knowing the answers to the questions mentioned above. So, I found the answers first and today I’m sure the market needs Imachinery Group and I know why.
Here are the benefits my company offers:

1. Imachinery Group – is a cost leader.

One of the first and most important parts of mutually beneficial cooperation is the client confidence and customer loyalty. Surely making money by margin increase won’t help to save the customer intimacy. I try to think about my clients first and we offer the lowest market price!

How could I prove my words?

Just send me an invoice from any competitive company and I will offer you the same set of goods at a lower cost than our competitors without increasing the timescale.
2. Imachinery Group – we leverage the delivery time and cost in a more effective way to you.

No small part in mutually beneficial cooperation has delivery time and cost improvement. We know the short cut to deliver the goods from Imachinery Group suppliers or our warehouses to you in the shortest time possible.
How could I prove my words?

We provide delivery services on a higher level thanks to a team of professional forwarders and top-ranked specialists in logistics. Our long-term partnership with companies from all over the world does not admit of doubt. Thus working on your orders I’m sure to find the correct routing, the proper mode of transport, the optimal cost of transportation and the shortest delivery period – everything to fulfill your wish.
3. Imachinery Group – a wide range of goods in stock.

We have an opportunity to offer a certain line of stock products from our warehouses in Moscow (Russia) and Boca Raton, FL (USA). If you order the goods from the stock-lists the delivery period will be shorter. This could reduce your machines process downtime.

I highly appreciate cooperation with my partners and customers. Looking forward to your new orders.

Sincerely yours,

Pavel Sidorov

Executive general manager

Imachinery Group

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