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Imachinery Group

Head office, the United States of America

   • Our phone no.: +1(917) 664-95-55 (Order a callback)

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Head office in Moscow, Russia

   • Our address: 121357, Moscow, Vereyskaya str., 29/149

   • Our phone no.: +7(495) 983-00-71 (Order a callback)

   • E-mail:

   • Skype: Imachinerygroup Напиши мне в чате



Main warehouse in Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia

   • Our address: Moscow Region, Odintsovo City, Transportniy proezd, 10

   • Our phone no.: +7(495) 983-00-71 (Order a callback)

   • E-mail:



Imachinery Store - 32 km of Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) 

Store in Moscow, Russia

   • Our address: 142718, Bittsa Moscow oblast, Nagornaya str., 11

   • Our phone no.: +7(499) 390-96-54 (Order a callback)

   • E-mail: 



Imachinery Group Siberia 

Head office in Novosibirsk, Russia

   • Our address: 630096, Novosibirsk,  Stantsionnaya str., 43

   • Our phone no.: +7(383) 367-00-31 (Order a callback

   • E-mail: 



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We are always happy to help you with the selection of spare parts and we are pleased to answer any questions you may have on the following phone number:
USA Miami
or you can order a callback.


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