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Our new offer for customers procuring large volumes! 

If you are:

1) A wholesale customer – Reseller company 

2) A wholesale customer – Machine shop 

3) A company – End-User with a large fleet of machinery

We are pleased to inform that wholesale customers can get the best price conditions when ordering spare parts directly fr om our US-based company IMachinery Globe LLC.


Our offer includes the following key services:

Agency and brokerage services. Since we are in the US, we work directly with major suppliers of spare parts of global brands, and we can save you from the need to look for the right parts from suppliers in the United States. Due to partnership agreements with major suppliers, we are able to provide our customers with special price conditions. We talk to suppliers in their own language, we are in one time zone with them, we know all the right people, know a warehouse in a remote city wh ere you can find a rare spare part, work with companies that do not sell for exporting – thus we provide our clients with the opportunity to work with the US spare parts market from anywhere in the world, and having all the opportunities available only when you are in the United States.

Logistics services. If you order spare parts from the US seller for further shipment to Russia, the question arises how to best deliver the goods to the city wh ere it will be sent from, as shipment to the Russian Federation is only possible from a specific list of air- and seaports in the United States. The more acute is the problem when a large order is simultaneously executed with a large number of suppliers. In the United States, transport infrastructure is well developed, a lot of companies deliver goods across the country, and being outside America, it can be difficult to choose the right shipping method and supervise the goods being shipped. We undertake this work. We will pick your cargo up across the US with minimal logistics costs and deal with any problematic situations during shipment.

Import and export services. We can ship your cargo to anywhere in the world wh ere there are flights from the United States. When shipping cargo to the Russian Federation, we fully undertake its customs clearance – in addition to payment for the order, all you have to do is to come to our delivery point or to the terminal of the transport company in any city of Russia and pick your ready load up.


Frequently asked questions.

What kind of a company are you? What laws are applicable to you?

IMachinery Globe LLC is a US company, it works subject to the laws of the United States of America.

How can I pay?

By international wire transfer to IMachinery Globe LLC. We also accept PayPal, Western Union.

I'm already working with US suppliers. Why do I need Imachinery Globe?

We have the opportunity to place an order for the required spare part directly at all the most reputable suppliers in the United States. You do not need to discuss the details with each of them – we undertake all of the work, offering you the most favorable price of all possible options. We have partnership conditions with all major suppliers to get a special price. As we are in the same territory with suppliers, we are able to quickly resolve any issues when consolidating and shipping the cargo. You can forget about the nuances of logistics within the United States – that is our concern. We will consolidate and prepare cargo of any size for shipment from several suppliers together.

Can I buy one spare part that I need through IMachinery Globe LLC?

IMachinery Globe LLC works with wholesalers. Business procedure and logistics are optimized so as to provide the most profitable delivery of large quantities of spare parts, or parts, components and assemblies with significant price. It is unprofitable to ship one single inexpensive spare part. But you can always order the required part in any of our Russian companies, the more so we have discounts for permanent customers.

How can I place an order?

Send your request to You can write in Russian or English.

I am already working with the Russian IMachinery company, with the large volumes of purchases, can I start working with Imachinery Globe?

Please, contact your manager – he will prepare an offer specially for you and advise you on how to start working through Imachinery Globe.

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